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Superintendent's End of Year Newsletter

We are offering a TK Boost opportunity for new incoming TK students on August 7th and 8th (8:00-12:00 each day). This is an opportunity for your incoming TK student to become oriented to a structured . . .

Posted Date: 05/17/2024

Superintendent's Newsletter

Please join me in Congratulating Samantha Groess -  MUSD Educator of the Year! Julie Webb - MUSD Clerical and Administrative Classified Employee of the Year! Mei Veasey - MUSD Security Services Cla . . .

Posted Date: 03/22/2024

Superintendent's Newsletter February

It is hard to believe that there are less than four months of this school year left.  Students have already signed up for classes at the secondary level and registration for TK and Kindergarten are . . .

Posted Date: 02/12/2024

Superintendent's Newsletter December

The meaning of December stems from the Latin word decem, meaning ten. The old Roman calendar started in March, making December the tenth month.  When the Roman senate changed the calendar in 153 BCE . . .

Posted Date: 12/15/2023

Our Mission

The Martinez Unified School District (MUSD) operates as a professional learning community that effectively uses data to inform instruction and is committed to providing an environment for 21st-century teaching and learning. Together we will endure diverse paths to support all students to be college and career ready, equipped to compete and contribute in a global society.



Academic Excellence

We are dedicated to providing a rigorous and comprehensive educational experience that challenges and nurtures the intellect of every student.



Innovation & Readiness

We embrace innovation as a catalyst for education excellence and future readiness.




Equality & Inclusion

We are committed to providing equitable opportunities for all students, valuing and celebrating their diverse backgrounds, cultures, and perspectives.